Five-Minute Friday: Last

Yesterday was the last day of our summer institute–eight days of professional development, discussions, learning and planning. The two weeks ended and I felt rejuvenated and excited to get back to work. I want this feeling to last and so I’m pushing myself to really strike a balance this year–between work and home, between being a teacher and a mother.

I’m hoping I can make that feeling last by:

Working only 4 days a week instead of 5. I’ve already signed my little girl up for “dance” class and can’t wait to have that special time with her each Friday morning.

Making time to read for myself. I’m part of a book club–a group of women I’ve just recently met–and we meet once a month to eat, drink, and talk about some really interesting books. I’m being pushed outside of my comfort zone in more ways than one–talking with new people and reading books I wouldn’t necessarily choose.

Making time to read children’s literature (aside from the board books I read to my daughter). I just received my first big shipment of new children’s books of the almost-school year. Some are written by favorite authors I used to read when I had my own classroom, others are the first read alouds of the teachers I work with, and still others are books I’ve heard about on Twitter.

Writing. I need to make the time to write–whether that’s here on my blog or simply reflecting on my work or day, I am really hoping I can make this happen and be something I can make last. I think writing may be the most challenging for me.

Spending time when I’m not half-asleep with my husband. This will be tricky too, but I can see making this happen by going to bed early on the nights he’s working.

Staying connected with colleagues, near and far. I’ve just recently joined twitter and started using Facebook to share professional links. I am endlessly curious about what other educators are trying and writing about and reading, and it’s exhilarating to feel a part of a larger community of teachers.

It’s eight o’clock right now, and I am peeking at the three books I have on deck to read next, and am secretly happy tonight is a night my husband is working because it means I get to crawl into bed now and read a good book or two or three. Well, let’s see how long I can last;)



2 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday: Last

  1. Good luck on keeping that rejuvenate spirit! I am right there with you working on keeping my “zen” attitude since my three week sabbatical earlier this summer. Have fun reading tonight!

  2. Visiting from Lisa-Jo’s but away from home so struggling to post…hoping this works this time…

    Love that you’ve booked a dance class and looking forward to seeing how you find ways to write more…Five minute Friday helps me to blog at least once a week.

    Good luck,

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